Security that

Whether you are just getting started with information security or addressing new business complexities, BDP Security is here to help. We specialize in scaling security programs for software companies.

We will help you identify the right security investments for your organization while supporting your security leadership through coaching and mentorship.


Information security strategy

Find the right path for security at your company. Understand when to hire key personal, how to prioritize enterprise risks, and the best techniques to scale security with the business.


Security program execution

We will help you navigate challenging security transformations by aligning the goals, metrics, and execution philosophy with your unique organizational culture.


Security leadership coaching

Invest in yourself or your organization's security leadership. We help people grow into effective, inclusive, and business-aligned leaders.

Praise for
Bryan's work

"Bryan is one of the most inspiring and motivational leaders I have ever worked with in my career."
- Shanky Choudhury

"I learned a lot from him, spanning from strategic planning and budgeting, to building a team and developing a program that is aligned with organizational culture in an organic manner."
- Michael Chaoui

"Bryan is a consummate cybersecurity professional who makes security interesting, exciting, and relatable."
- Q Wade Billings

"Bryan is a stellar security leader with a balanced risk perspective and deep technical security expertise."
- Astha Singhal

"Bryan is hands-down one of the best leaders in security. His superpowers are communication, strategy, execution, and hiring."
- Travis McPeak

"Bryan has a unique ability to set a vision and create a culture that promotes innovation, technical excellence, collaboration, and inclusion."
- Nicole Grinstead